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Who We Are

At Gold Cardinal Consulting, our passion is the people side of business. Our mission is to create impactful solutions and build effective organizations in which business and people thrive together.

Gold Cardinal is a woman-owned small business offering best-in-class solutions in areas such as learning and development, employee engagement, change management, and leadership development.

Our team believes in partnering with organizations to promote a collaborative, engaging, and results-oriented work environment. The employee experience is a critical factor in impacting business outcomes and we are committed to partnering with you to achieve breakthrough solutions that cause your business and people to thrive. Our approach is grounded in broad expertise but is also paired with flexibility and a focus on relationships and customer service.

Snowy Landscape
The real competitive advantage in any business is one word only, which is "people".

- Kamil Toume

What We Do

Being able to design, execute, and sustain change is key to continuously improving the health of you organization. We specialize in developing creative learning experiences that inspire growth and change.

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